Mobility & Wireless

Nowadays, it has become compulsory, not voluntary, to offer the possibility of mobile, flexible work.

Wireless networks are the backbone.

And two things are always important: a high-speed connection and safe access to data and the Internet.

Our mobility solutions

  • Corporate WLANs
  • Home-office concepts
  • Mobile communications coverage (in-house) so that smart phones can be used inside buildings
  • Radio systems – digital and analogue
  • Radio systems: base and relay stations as well as networked systems

WLAN in companies

We plan and realise efficient and safe wireless networks in your company.

Before putting them into operation, we analyse the signal strength, interferences, channel allocation and data rates.

The access rights as well as any additional services such as localisation, visitor management and landing pages are configured when they are set up.

Functions such as data routing, dynamic segmenting and role-based access are always part of the concept.

In-house mobile communications coverage

The envelopes, cellars and garages of modern buildings often block mobile reception with a smart phone.

We use repeaters and aerials to amplify and distribute the signals, no matter whether these are LTE Advanced 3, 4 or 5G.

The benefits of a good reception are a better battery performance and less radiation exposure.

Radio systems – analogue or digital

Radio systems are still used today when transmission has to be simple, safe and fast.

Fire brigades, emergency services, security firms or the building trade and industry rely on this technology.

We take care of planning and installing both analogue and digital radio solutions.

Not to mention GPS navigation or the automatic triggering of alarms via SMS or Telepage.

Some of our clients

Amag Logo Industry: motor industry / number of employees: 250
CAMAG Logo Industry: chemical, pharmaceutical / Employees: 60
Ecomedia Logo Industry: trading office supplies / Employees: 200
Opernhaus Zuerich Logo Industry: culture / Employees: 600
Polycompound Logo Industry: production / Employees: 60
Schuhhaus Walder Logo Industry: shoe shop / Employees: 280
Smurfit Kappa Logo Industry: paper production / Employees: 360
Thomi Logo PSA Industry: production / Employees: 80
Our mobility experts