Data Center

The data center is the digital heart of any company.

Whether this is in the company itself, at an external computer centre or in the cloud:

the data center is responsible for the safe and efficient use and management of all of the corporate data.

ICT infrastructure and entrepreneurial success

The data center that is best for you is the one that is as individual as your company itself.

Whether you are developing new fields of business, introducing new technologies or combating the rising pricing pressure with lean solutions:

every problem calls for a data center infrastructure that can be scaled to your goals.

We design your data center and make it reality: its performance and availability, level of automation, protection against unauthorised access as well as against failures or faults.

Your data in the right place

Where is your data center?

In your in-house server room, in our T&N Data Center, in an external computer centre, in the cloud, for example with Microsoft, or as data center as a service.

We will sit down with you and work out your complete IT architecture.

Computer centre technologies

Virtualization is a kind of abstraction of physical IT resources: hardware and software components.

The hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) brings together computing, network and storage services in one system.

The virtualization of computer centres improves efficiency and flexibility.

Thanks to software-based intelligence, the hyper-converged infrastructure allows a so-called “one click upgrade”.

Is the heart of your IT system up to the fast pace of changing requirements?

We know how to get it into shape and will help you.

Some of our clients

Andermatt Swiss Alps ASA ODH Logo Industry: tourism / Employees: 570
Demo SCOPE Logo Industry: Social and market research institute / Employees: 60
Garaventa Logo Industry: Machine building / Employees: 200 - 499
Gemeinde Eich logo Industry: public institutions (municipality/authorities) / Employees: 11
Holiday Check Logo Industry: tourism / Employees: 400
Informatik Leistungs Zentrum Obwalden und Nidwalden Logo Industry: informatik / Employees: 30
Locher Ingenieure Logo Industry: construction, engineering / Employees: 110
Thomi Logo PSA Industry: trade / Employees: 80
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