IT security

Cyber-attacks on companies are on the rise.

And as we all know, there’s no such thing as complete protection.

Only the best.

Defence strategy and damage mitigation

Comprehensive cyber-security, successful cyber-defence, begins with the right IT architecture, whether this is on your premises or in the Cloud to which your local area network is connected.

With the right configuration and organisation of all of a company’s IT elements.

It is also vital to ensure that damaged or lost data can be recovered after an incident as quickly as possible.

The aim here is to guarantee productivity – in both large and small companies.

We trust in security technologies and components such as:

  • Application security
  • Endpoint and device security
  • Next generation firewall
  • Security fabric
  • Multi-cloud security
  • Network operations & security
  • Secure access
  • Security operation
  • Email security / email encryption
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Cyber-security awareness training

Labels and certificates

Our information security management system is certified in accordance with ISO 27001.

The CyberSeal quality label from the Alliance Digital Security Switzerland association certifies that we have a professional mandate in cyber protection.

Technologies and methods

IT security is a dynamic process.

Once we have defined and implemented the right measures, we continue to adapt them to new and ever-changing threats.

The measures themselves are compiled from various components into a bespoke system.

Some of our clients

CAMAG Logo Industry: pharmaceutical / Employees: 60
Feldmann Pneukran Logo Industry: construction, transportation / Employees: 60
KMP Logo Industry: real estate management / Employees: 35
Locher Ingenieure Logo Industry: construction engineering / Employees: 110
Rutishauser Logo Industry: production, trading gardening / Employees: 80
Schloss Herdern Logo Industry: social institution / Employees: 85
Schuhhaus Walder Logo Industry: shoe store / Employees: 280
Swisstulle Logo Industry: textile / Employees: 80
Thomi Logo PSA Industry: production / Employees: 80
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