Comprehensive advice for individual ICT concepts.

From the strategy through to the implementation.

Coach, advisor, partner

In a first step, we take a long, hard look at your company and its prospects.

We analyse the current state of your digital systems.

We discuss and answer strategic questions.

We work with you to develop solutions for your efficient ICT architecture.

Our experience for your future

Over 20 years of know-how mean that we can make a realistic assessment of technological progress and factors such as performance, costs and security.

Depending on your goals, we take care of not only technical and economic, but also organisational and operational aspects.

We help you make the right decisions in the area of conflict between security and change in the digital world, and above all to implement and operate these efficiently.

Our role – your decision

After the initial consultation, it is up to you to decide whether and how you want us to keep providing support until your project goes live.

Use our consulting services on a modular or integral basis.

  • Business analysis
  • ICT strategy
  • Technology consulting
  • Optimisation of infrastructure and applications
  • Cyber-defence consulting
  • Generation of requirements profiles and calls for tenders
  • Coaching, controlling

Some of our clients

Analytica Logo Industry: chemical, pharmaceutical / Employees: 260
Bucherer Logo Industry: watch industry / Employees: 2500
Europ Assistance Logo Industry: insurances / Employees: 100
Gemeinde Dornach Logo Industry: public authorities / Employees: 45
Gemeinde Eich logo Industry: public authorities / Employees: 11
LAUFEN Logo Industry: sanitary engineering & ceramics / Employees: 250
Polycompound Logo Industry: production / Employees: 60
Our experts