Microsoft ceases support for Windows XP and Office 2003

Microsoft ceases support for Windows XP and Office 2003

Keep up with the times – with Windows 8 Pro and the new Office

Windows XP SP3 and Office 2003 will officially go out of support on April 8, 2014. This means: After that, there will be no new security updates anymore.

For this reason you should take action. Switch to Windows 8 to avoid exposure of your computer to security risks. Windows 8 is the most modern and mature system that can be used in your company.

Safe operation: Windows 8 pro and the new Office include improved safety functions such as integrated firewall, protection from viruses, Rootkits and other malware like rights management for emails and attachments.

Current software: The new Office benefits from all advantages of the new Windows operating system and cannot be run by Windows XP.

Permanent support: With Windows 8 and the new Office you assure to continue working on a secure platform whereas technical support is no longer available for Windows XP.

Reduced downtimes: Unsupported software and outdated hardware increase the risk of failures. Possible downtimes are reduced thanks to a timely and well prepared transfer to Windows 8 Pro and the new Office.
Increased productivity and convenience of Windows 8 satisfy already small and medium-sized companies all over the world.
As certified Microsoft partner we are pleased to advice you free of charge on your personal requirement of the update and the associated advantages. Please do not hesitate to contact us: Phone 0844 835 356 or

Microsoft ceases support for Windows XP

Microsoft ceases support for Windows XP
PROGRESS FORWARD – Microsoft ceases support for Windows XP and offers no longer security updates. This means that from now on each Windows XP system is not protected anymore against attacks from cyber criminals. Ongoing operation of computers which still use the system software Windows XP is a safety risk.

What does it mean for you?We recommend you to discuss your situation together with us – The operation of computers which still use the system software Windows XP is becoming a safety risk on because it is not protected anymore against attacks from cyber criminals! If your computer is integrated into your network a possible cyber-attack may harm your whole network.
THINK AHEAD – so that we can talk about how to procede in future, discuss necessary precautions and realize them together. On the safe path – step by step on the way with T&N.
T&N will be happy to offer you our advice – please contact us at Tel. 0844 835 356.

Microsoft Office 365


Microsoft Office 365 – The suitable offer for every enterprise


For private use
Ideal for families, at home or at school.
Apply the newest Office applications on up to 5 computers, tablets and Macs. In addition get online memory of 20 GB for uncomplicated access to your documents.
 For small companies
Ideal for companies up to 10 employees.
Get location independent access to the newest Office applications as well as cloud based IT services including mailboxes of your company. IT knowledge is not required.

For medium-sized companies
Ideal for companies up to 250 employees.
Offer your employees location independent access to the newest Office applications and advanced cloud based IT services at predictable costs.

As a certified partner of Microsoft, T&N offers expertise in Microsoft Office 365 and is pleased to advise you – phone 0844 835 356.


SMART Board - The interactive whiteboard

SMART Board – The interaktive whiteboard

Everyone is familiar with the good old solid blackboard. These are easy to use but have one big disadvantage; at the end of the meeting a photo has to be taken of the charts if you want to use them elsewhere. Post-processing is also very difficult, if not impossible. The SMART Board is a new generation! Thanks to its touch-sensitive, interactive surface, notes can be entered, deleted or saved directly in PowerPoint slides or other documents.

The interactive SMART Board replaces the whiteboard and supplements the beamer as a second monitor. The SMART Board has a touch-sensitive surface and it is even possible for two people to work on a SMART display or SMART screen simultaneously – just like on a blackboard. You can choose a colour at the press of a finger and produce drawings and charts as on a whiteboard. If the SMART board is connected to an internal network, any document can be opened, edited, saved, printed and sent directly. The SMART Board allows several people to edit one and the same document simultaneously, even if they are in different places.

Contact us now – Urs Meier will be happy to help.

Tel. 044 835 36 70 –

PROGRESS FORWARDS – NetApp amongst the favourites

PROGRESS FORWARDS – NetApp amongst the favourites

A successful year for NetApp – T&N's partner NetApp already has some highlights to announce for 2012. NetApp ranks 474th in the Fortune list, thus climbing 100 places. This annual list presents the 500 companies in the world with the highest revenue and is published by the US American business magazine Fortune.

NetApp gained ground not just economically but in a number of other fields too. NetApp was voted into 2nd place of 'Germany's top employers' and 6th in the world and took first place for 'The best enterprise storage system 2012'.

We would also like to mention NetApp's pioneering spirit when it comes to innovation, leading the Gartner Hype Cycle with 17 technologies.

Telecom rating

Telecom rating
The Swiss business magazine «Bilanz» carried out a Telecom rating for the thirteenth time. The winner is: Colt.

The categories «fixed telephony», «mobile telephony», «corporate networks» and «Internet service provider (ISP)» were assessed. Of the top five in the «fixed telephony» category, four are purely IP providers; Colt in fourth place has a hybrid model. And it would appear that this pays off because the IT and telecommunications service provider from London was awarded the highest number of points in both the quality and flexibility category. Although it wasn't quite enough to match the new top-placed E-Fon, the gap is minimal. By contrast, the three big providers Sunrise (6th place), Swisscom (7th place) and Orange (9th place) still have a lot of catching up to do.

In the field of «corporate networks», upc Cablecom remains the undisputed leader, the sixth time in the past nine years according to the report.

Beat Aebischer - New sales manager at T&N

New sales manager at T&N
With Beat Aebischer T&N has a new sales manager since mid-March. Beat Aebischer has been operating at Swisscom (Schweiz) AG for many years. He can look back to years of experience in leading functions in sales and marketing in the telecommunications industry and brings a lot of expert knowledge. He knows the needs of the market very well and is well prepared for the challenges at T&N. “Under his lead of the sales management T&N shall grow continuously. With his sales team he is responsible for the acquisition of new clients and the development of the network of existing customers”, says Hermann Graf, general director, T&N Telekom & Netzwerk AG.

PROGRESS - We welcome Beat Aebischer, our new sales manager, in our team and look forward to a good collaboration.

>> Press Release

Windows Server 2012

Windows Server 2012
Microsoft is positioning its new Windows Server 2012 as an operating system for cloud applications. The new and very promising version of Windows Server 2012 offers an impressive number of new features and functions for networks, Internet connection and cloud capabilities. It doesn't matter how big your IT infrastructure is, you can profit from a number of new features. Be this by saving on licensing costs for third party solutions or simply by managing your infrastructure more efficiently.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.
Your contact
Oliver Eichenberger – Tel. 044 835 36 47 –

Reliable and fast – the new Carrier connection solutions

Reliable and fast – the new Carrier connection solutions
High accessibility, security and economically priced solutions are especially in transnational networks very important.

Terminal connection methods and internet connections need to be more and more accessible and capable. Additionally they have to be secure and economically priced. Especially in transnational networks these criteria are of the highest importance. Interruption or externally caused disturbance of the connection might lead to high loss of production. Our team provides competent advice to these questions.

To solve these tasks and to get best possible service you need a solution that is individually designed for your company. Exactly this is what we are offering as independent distribution partner.
As soon as it gets to transnational networks and local high-availability connections, Colt Telecom is our partner number one. Colt Telecom was founded 1992 in London and is specialized in telephony, data and internet services. Colt combines services and products, provides the connection to networks and computing centers, fulfil country-specific statutory conditions and offers flexible business conditions – in a network which expands over 83’000 kilometers of length and 23 countries.

Long standing collaboration between Colt and T&N as distribution partner ensures a professional carrying out of all Colt services. T&N is your main contractor for all possible terminal connection methods.

T&N will be happy to advise you – please contact us at Tel. 0844 835 356.


ENSI – The nucleus of security energy security for our future For security in nuclear power
Even if the Swiss population were to resolve the phase-out of nuclear power, ENSI, the Swiss Federal Nuclear Safety Inspectorate, would still be responsible for supervising the safety and security of nuclear power facilities in Switzerland for quite a few decades. This inspectorate controls and monitors the operators of nuclear power facilities, thus helping to protect the population. Communication as a whole and T&N as ENSI's ICT partner plays a key role in its work.

>> Technical Report
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