Management concept

Complex doesn’t have to be complicated – the logic of success as a management map

logo.png A standard point of view and language within the team makes any cooperation easier. T&N attaches great importance to the fact that all employees develop a common understanding of the company’s success so that they can achieve the goals together with customers as a roped party.

The tried and trusted method of netmapping – networked reasoning and actions – has helped T&N explain the correlations behind the company’s success since 1997. The sophisticated structure of this strategic method makes it easier for management to define clear-cut goals and react promptly to long-term difficulties.

T&N has defined the following key aspects as goals:

  • Complex relationships in the development of successful services are shown understandably
  • The employees should be able to identify key relationships for the long-term success of the company and play an active role in achieving it
  • Targeted measures are derived by setting priorities and projects can then be successfully implemented