Universal wiring

High-performance wiring systems for the efficient and universal connection of communications equipment that satisfy the latest standards of international (ISO IEC) and European committees (EN) are taken for granted in the communications world.

FüTwisted pair copper cables are used to connect the terminals and fibre-optic cables for the backbone area or the fibre-to-the-desk solution. Transmission rates of up to 10 gigabits per second are possible with copper cables. Transmission rates of up to 40 gigabits per second are possible with the latest fibre-optic technology. Voice, image and data information is transmitted quickly, safely and cheaply with these methods.

The universal communications wiring (UCW) installed by us to the highest quality standards guarantees fast and trouble-free communication and helps keep costs for moving work and expansions to a minimum.

Solidly built
T&N grants a 20-year system manufacturer warranty for universal communications wiring (UCW), depending on the make.
This is possible thanks to our experienced technicians who have been certified by the manufacturer.

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