GSM/UMTS inhouse supply

You don’t have to put up with a poor mobile phone reception inside buildings. A GSM/UMTS in-house system receives the radio signal with a small outside aerial and distributes it ideally throughout the desired rooms. Positive side-effects include a reduction of the radiation from GSM devices, an increase in battery life, improved voice quality and guaranteed availability inside the building.

Signal reception
The GSM signal is received via an aerial outside the building. The higher the reception signal at the site of the outside aerial, the better the amplification inside the building.

Amplifying and propagating the signal
The GSM/UMTS signal is propagated to the indoor aerials by means of an amplifier via high-frequency cables. The indoor aerials are located in the best possible positions taking into account the structure of the areas and building. It is interesting to note that, contrary to popular opinion, the exposure to radio waves in buildings is reduced through an optimum supply.
The radio exposure from the mobile phone is generally higher than that of the GSM aerial. This is because the device is generally carried close to the body and conversely, the signals from the in-house system only reach the body in a very weakened form on account of the distance. With GSM/UMTS mobile phones in areas of poor reception the performance is automatically increased and the phone constantly tries to connect to the network. So in fact, the radiation exposure is lower indoors with a good supply. Furthermore, the mobile phone’s battery is spared if the reception is good because then it works with the smallest possible performance and thus consumes less energy.

GSM/UMTS inhouse supply
BAKOM approved
All GSM/UMTS in-house supplies are subject to authorisation. Only a perfect system that satisfies all of the radiation exposure limits and guarantees a perfect reception, allows a trouble-free and safe operation. GSM in-house amplifiers may only be installed if statutory regulations and the specifications of the carrier are observed. The commissioning and operation of such systems are subject to the approval of BAKOM and the corresponding carrier such as Swisscom, Sunrise or Orange.

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