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ICT Specialist - job profile

ICT Specialist - job profile

ICT specialist

Job descriptionICT specialists EFZ (Federal Certificate of Vocational Training and Education) install and maintain telecommunications and IT networks. They plan the wiring and install, connect, configure and program the systems and equipment.
They join all of the necessary equipment together in a network and make the connections to the Internet. They test the networks with the latest measuring equipment, advise customers and propose solutions. In addition, they install and service telephone & EDP systems and perform a challenging job that calls for a wide range of skills and expertise in the fields of telecommunications, IT, electronics and electrical engineering.

RequirementA good secondary school leaving certificate is one precondition for an apprenticeship. Very good grades in mathematics, the ability to reason analytically, a capacity for abstract thought, an interest in modern means of communication and technology as well as PC and English skills are a requirement. The ability to communicate, an accurate way of working, manual dexterity, a joy of learning and a normal colour perception are further qualities you should have.

TrainingThe apprenticeship lasts 4 years. The electrical fitter and electric draftsman/draftswoman professions, with further training after vocational training, are also starting points for ICT specialists.

Career opportunitiesOnce you have completed your apprenticeship as a federally certified ICT specialist you can go on to study various further subjects:

  • Professional examination (BP): federally certified ICT project manager
  • Higher proficiency certificate: graduate ICT specialist

Universities of applied sciences:

  • Bachelor of Science (FH) in telecommunications
  • Bachelor of Science (FH) in electrical engineering
  • Bachelor of Science (FH) in building services engineering (field of study: building electrical engineering)

Please feel free to contact Noldi Niederberger on 044 835 36 26 or at noldi.niederberger@t-n.ch should you have any further questions.

Dietisberg - Living & Working

Dietisberg - Living & Working

Dietisberg - Living & Working
Since 1904, men who have fallen out of the social fabric have been living on the Dietisberg together with some of the caring staff. Since 2009, the institution has also accommodated men in the care centre in Sissach. In a protected living space, they build up their sense of values together and restore social ties. This is done by means of a new way of life that includes meaningful work. The residents manufacture various products and offer different services.

The motto is not to whine but to tackle the problem. The concept of "motherly", "fatherly" and "craftsmanship" has been successfully implemented for years. It works for young and older men.

Further information under: www.dietisberg.ch


IT specialist systems engineering - job profile

IT specialist systems engineering - job profile

IT specialist systems engineering
Job description IT specialists with a Swiss federal vocational diploma are in great demand and will remain so in future. Three specialisations are offered in this profession:
  • Application development
  • Systems engineering
  • Support

We train apprentices in the field of systems engineering. They will help set up networks, servers and operating systems and assist users in their daily work with IT. They will deal with the planning and handling of IT projects.
IT specialists have broad basic knowledge in the fields of hardware and software, network technology, transmission and control systems. They work in the fields of the planning, installation, operation and maintenance of IT systems and their applications

Requirement A good secondary school leaving certificate and a completed Multicheck analysis for technical IT specialists EFZ (Federal Certificate of Vocational Training and Education) are preconditions for an apprenticeship. An accurate way of working, good logical-abstract intellectual powers, a technical aptitude, willingness to work, an enjoyment of working with other people in a team and an open-minded approach to all things new are further requirements you should exhibit. What’s more, you should be able to adapt quickly to new and changing situations during on-the-spot work with customers.
Apart from a love of and passion for IT, you should be quick on the uptake and be able to understand and implement operational procedures. You are able to explain these relationships and thus help and advise users with your expertise.

Training The apprenticeship lasts 4 years. Our students are trained as follows in our headquarters in Dietlikon:

  • First year of apprenticeship as a basic year
  • As of the 2nd year of apprenticeship in the company
  • Six intercompany courses are integrated in the basic year, two further ones will be completed during the 2nd year
Career opportunities Once you have completed your apprenticeship as federally certified IT specialist in systems engineering you can go on to study various further subjects:
  • Higher proficiency certificate as IT specialist
  • Business IT Specialist (institute of tertiary education)
  • IT Technician (institute of tertiary education)
  • Engineer (institute of tertiary education)

Please feel free to contact Mr. Ismaele Milo on 044 835 36 78 or at ismaele.milo@t-n.ch should you have any further questions.

Management Assistant EFZ Service and Administration - job profile

Management Assistant EFZ Service and Administration - job profile

Management Assistant EFZ (Federal Certificate of Vocational Training and Education) Service and Administration (S&A)
Job description Management Assistants EFZ S&A write offers, conduct correspondence and keep accounts, organise appointments and help draft concepts.
They are service-oriented employees in business management processes. Their vocational field ranges from customer advice, the performance of administrative duties through to trade-specific processing.
The job opportunities are very diverse: for example, they organise business trips, meetings or events. They also work in the financial field. They arrange payments, purchase raw materials and help prepare accounts. What’s more, they maintain contact with domestic and foreign customers.

Requirement A secondary school leaving certificate with good grades or middle school certificate and extra year with good grades in the core subjects are preconditions for an apprenticeship. Linguistic fluency, calculation skills as well as an understanding of business and technical relationships are further requirements. Your attitude is characterised by independence, initiative and a willingness to learn. A good written and verbal style in German and a command of at least one foreign language are indispensable for communication with domestic and foreign customers. You understand simple texts and talks in this foreign language. Since a lot of the work is carried out with computers, keyboard typing skills are a must for efficient work.

Training The apprenticeship lasts three years. Theoretical training is carried out on a maximum of two days a week in the vocational school. If apprentices pass the entrance examination they can be admitted to sit the commercial matura examination (university entrance qualification). This is either integrated in the apprenticeship or completed as a full-term year at the end of the three years.

Career opportunities There are a number of different further education, specialisation and advancement opportunities. Depending on their interests and skills, management assistants can continue their training and education in fields such as business administration, sales, marketing, foreign languages, human resources etc.

Please feel free to contact Annabel Walder on 044 835 36 73 or annabel.walder@t-n.ch should you have any further questions.


General Business Terms and Condition - CH

General Business Terms and Condition - CH

1 Area of application and validity
Telekom & Netzwerk AG (hereinafter referred to as T&N), as a distributor, offers its trade retailers and resellers (hereinafter referred to as the Customer) a broad range of products as well as individual services in the area of information technology. At the special request of a retail trader, reseller or manufacturer, these products and services are also available to end-users.

These General Business Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as the AGB) regulate the rights and obligations in the relationship of T&N to its Customers. They apply to all business relationships between T&N and its Customers, in particular for the delivery of products and the provision of services to the extent that nothing has been agreed to the contrary in writing.

A Customer's business terms and conditions shall only apply if and to the extent that they have been expressly accepted by T&N in writing and are not in contradiction with the AGB of T&N.

All side agreements, amendments, supplements and declarations of legal relevance must be made in writing to be valid.

Should an individual provision be or become ineffective or invalid, the validity and effectiveness of all other provisions shall remain in force and effect. In such cases, the invalid provision shall be reinterpreted or amended to the extent that it shall come as close as possible to the intended regulated purpose.

Customers shall be informed of amendments by circular memorandum or another suitable method and shall take force within one month barring a written objection from the Customer.

«Products» are machines, equipment, components and accessories, especially computer hardware, and further parts thereof, supplementary fittings, as well as software offered and distributed by T&N.

2 Services
Orders may be placed by telephone, electronically (for example, by EDI) or in writing (for example, by letter or fax).

The corresponding order confirmation in principle is final for quantity, version and model. No order confirmation is sent for immediate delivery or pickup. Provision is made for the availability or deliverability of products from the manufacturer.

Any delivery dates provided by T&N shall be regarded as guidelines only unless specific written assurance is given to the contrary. The statement of any delivery deadline is made with the best of our knowledge and belief but is without a guarantee. This shall apply in particular for cases of delivery delays, for example as the result of supply problems at the manufacturer. If any delivery is delayed beyond an assured delivery deadline stated by T&N in writing, the Customer may place T&N in default after the expiration of an extended deadline of at least three weeks granted by him in writing, and may cancel the order after the expiration of an unused further extended deadline of an appropriate length. In this case, T&N shall only be liable to the Customer for direct damages if and to the extent the default or the impossibility of the delivery was demonstrably the result of gross negligence in the breach of the contract on the part of T&N.

For delivery delays resulting from circumstances over which T&N has no influence, such as strikes, lockouts, material defects, supply or operational stoppages at the manufacturer's or shipping problems, T&N shall be entitled to cancel the order.

Any changes to the order or cancellations by the Customer shall require a written agreement with T&N. Any costs which have already been incurred may be charged by T&N to the Customer.

For collective and forward deliveries, the T&N special terms and conditions shall apply. T&N shall be entitled to make partial deliveries.

Information, news and invitations in the form of mailings may be sent to the Customer and prospects by T&N via e-mail, letter and fax.

3 Acceptance and inspection
The Customer shall undertake to inspect any products and services delivered by or from T&N immediately after delivery or pickup for completeness and accuracy, and to report in writing to T&N any damages, defects or reasons for complaint immediately after discovery or 10 days after delivery or pickup, at the latest.

Late notification shall result in the cancellation of all guarantees and any other claim of the Customer, unless the damage or defect was hidden at the time the required acceptance inspection was made.

4 Transferral of use and risks
With the transfer of the delivered products, the use and risks are transferred to the Customer.

If the products are not picked up on time by the Customer, the products will be kept at the Customer's expense and risk for five working days and then forwarded to the Customer.

5 Returning products
The return of products by the Customer shall require prior agreement from T&N and be at the expense and risk of the Customer. Product returns shall be made in the original packaging and include detailed documentation with a description of the error or defect as well as a copy of the purchase receipt. Returns are not permitted for C products (procurement products) and opened software.

T&N shall reserve the right to return to the Customer products with missing, defective or marked original packaging or products no longer in perfect condition at the Customer's expense and risk. The costs to find an error for product returns without a detailed error description may be carried out by T&N at the Customer's expense (minimum charge: one hour).

In any case, the detailed procedures of T&N and of the manufacturer shall apply. The Customer shall request a «return number» from T&N prior to a return shipment.

6 Prices
The prices for products and services from T&N are net prices in Swiss francs (CHF), excluding VAT, customs duty paid, and FOB the T&N distribution centre.

Ancillary costs, such as packaging costs and shipping or delivery (freight and transportation), are not included in the prices and shall be charged to the Customer along with VAT. Unless otherwise specifically stated, accessories are not included in the price.

In principle, the product prices and ancillary costs will be charged according to the price list at the time the purchase order is made. To the extent that T&N shall receive assurances from the manufacturer or supplier that price reductions shall be passed on to the Customer, the prices at the point of time of delivery or transfer shall apply. The opposite shall also apply for price increases made by the manufacturer or supplier.

Moreover, T&N reserves the right to change the price list at any time without prior notice.

7 Payment terms and condition
If no other written agreement exists, all T&N invoices shall be payable net 30 days from the date of the invoice to the bank account provided. After the expiration of this deadline, the Customer shall be in default without further notice. T&N may charge default interest of 10%.

T&N shall be entitled without further notice to stop all further shipments to the Customer in full or in part on till all outstanding payments have been made or guaranteed. The costs for all consequences resulting from such stoppages of shipments shall be borne by the Customer exclusively.

If the Customer shall not make payments or guarantee payment for amounts owed within the extended period set by T&N, T&N shall be entitled to refuse all further shipments to the Customer definitely and make claims for compensation for damages. Furthermore, T&N shall be entitled to take action as provided for under the general legal regulations of the Swiss Code of Obligations (OR).

All amounts due T&N, including those for agreed instalment payments, shall be payable immediately if a) the Customer repeatedly does not comply with the payment terms and conditions or b) does not provide the required security immediately when requested to do so by T&N in order to remove any understandable doubts T&N may have about the liquidity or ability to pay, for example, in the event of prosecution for debt or other signs of the Customer's payment difficulties. The Customer shall have the obligation to inform T&N of any foreseeable liquidity bottlenecks.

At the request of T&N, the Customer shall by way of payment assign to T& N his claims against final users arising from the resale of any products delivered by T&N (Art. 172 OR).

Checks shall only be acceptable by T&N for payment after a prior special and written agreement and on the condition that all costs and fees shall be borne by the Customer.

8 Offset and retention right
The Customer shall not be entitled to offset any amounts owed T&N with counter demands or claims.

Any right of retention or other withholding right on the part of the Customer for material belonging to T&N is excluded entirely.

The Customer shall be obligated to pay an invoice, irrespective of whether he is able to deliver the products purchased for resale or invoice them to his final Customer or or collect payments for the products.

9 Retention of title
Products delivered by T&N - as long as they are under the control of the Customer - remain the property of T&N until T&N shall have received payment for the purchase price in full and in compliance with the contract. T&N shall be entitled to record an ownership lien in the property lien register at the domicile of the Customer as it shall apply at that point in time in accordance with article 715 of the Swiss Code of Civil Law (ZGB). The Customer shall undertake to provide a written agreement immediately for the entry with all of the points pertinent to a property lien when requested to do so by T&N (cf. article 4, paragraph 4 of the federal court ordinance).

As long as the purchase price is not fully paid, the Customer shall undertake to maintain, use carefully, and insure against all normal risks the products supplied by T&N.

10 T&N services and support
T&N maintains a telephone support hotline for certain products, which are listed in the price list as A products and for which T&N holds distribution rights.

Support services are not included in the product price and shall be invoiced to the Customer separately in accordance with the tariffs schedule in the price list or in accordance with a special agreement.

11 Warranty and guarantee
Responsibility for the selection, the configuration, the deployment as well as the use of products and the results thereby achieved lies with the Customer or with the purchaser of the products, i.e. with the End-customer. The Customer acknowledges that T&N does not conduct incoming goods checks of the products delivered by manufacturers or suppliers.

In respect of products from third parties T&N shall provide a warranty and be answerable only to the extent that the third party (e.g. manufacturer, licensor) is answerable vis-à-vis T&N. The Customer waives further warranty claims against T&N and the third party. The obligation of T&N is to assign any possible own warranty and/or guarantee claims against the third party to the Customer.

The Customer acknowledges that on account of the respective applicable provisions of the manufacturer/supplier, as a rule the warranty shall be limited at their own choice to defect rectification, the delivery of fault-free replacement goods or a credit note. The replacement of parts, defect rectification or the delivery of fault-free replacement goods shall not establish any new warranty obligations. Defects which are covered by the warranty shall not entitle the Customer to withdraw from the purchase or to declare that this has been rescinded.

The Customer furthermore acknowledges that a defect shall in every case be deemed to exist only if this is clearly reported to T&N in written form immediately following the discovery thereof and constitutes a relevant and reproducible defect.
The warranty shall be excluded in the event of defects attributable to one of the following causes:
a)   inadequate maintenance (unless T&N contractually undertook to perform maintenance);
b)   failure to observe the operating or installation instructions;
c)   improper use of the product;
d)   use of unapproved parts and accessories;
e)   natural wear and tear;
f)    shipping, improper use or treatment;
g)   inappropriate handling or treatment;
h)   unauthorised interventions by the Customer or third parties (i.e. modifications or
       repair attempts);
i)    external influences, in particular force majeure (e.g. failure of the electricity supply or air
      conditioning, natural hazards, provider-/carrier problems) as well as other reasons for which
      neither T&N nor the manufacturer/supplier is responsible.

In any case, the Customer shall comply with the procedures defined by T&N or the manufacturer/supplier for the handling of performance under guarantee and warranty.

A guarantee constitutes a voluntary contractual performance by the manufacturer/supplier. The Customer shall be invoiced in respect of guarantee performances which are not covered by the manufacturer/supplier, as well as for additional costs attributable to the Customer when settling any possible warranty claims or guarantee performances. In the event of an absent or deficient fault description, the fault analysis shall be performed by T&N at the expense of the Customer.

12 Liability
T&N shall only be liable for direct damages and only if the client proves that these were caused by gross negligence or the intention of T&N, its employees or third parties hired by T&N. This liability is restricted to the amount of the price for the delivery or service concerned.

Every other form of liability on the part of T&N, its employees or third parties hired by T&N for damages of any kind is excluded. In particular, the Customer shall in no case have the right to compensation for damages which did not incur directly in respect of the product, such as lost production, loss of use or data, loss of orders, lost income as well as other indirect or consequential damages.

T&N shall undertake to transfer to the Customer any liabilities claims which have been recognized by the manufacturer or supplier.

13 Patents and other copyrights
If a third-party shall file a claim against the Customer or its final users in which he claims or charges that any patent, copyright or other intellectual property right has been violated byte delivered products or by the operation of the products, the Customer shall inform T&N of these violations or claims made immediately in writing. T&N shall forward this information to the supplier or manufacturer immediately and request that this party regulate the situation. The Customer shall forego any form of guarantee or liability claims against T&N.

14 Re-exportation
The products distributed by T&N are subject to United States and Swiss export regulations. The Customer shall undertake to apply for a special export permit from the competent authority prior to any re-exportation of the products which currently is the import and export section of the Swiss Federal Department of the Economy. This obligation shall be transferred to the buyer with the obligation to bind on said obligation when selling or otherwise passing on the products.

15 Software program
The use and guarantee terms and conditions relating to the software products, programs, manuals and other documents delivered by T&N comply with the special terms and conditions of the concerned software manufacturer and which are in particular contained in the software license agreement between the software manufacturer and the user or final Customer.

The Customer shall undertake to transfer the obligations resulting from the use and guarantee terms and conditions of the software manufacturer with the obligation to bind on said obligation when reselling or otherwise passing on the software products.

16 Manufacture reporting, data privacy
The Customer is aware that T&N as part of the periodic so-called manufacturing reporting processes client-related data, such as selling prices and quantities as well as the names and addresses of the Customers, and under certain circumstances may also transfer such data abroad to manufacturers or suppliers.

Furthermore, the Customer shall agree that T&N may process client-related data for a credit check of the Customer and release the same to the credit insurance company responsible for the T&N account.

T&N complies with Swiss law when processing customer and personal data (Federal Act on Data Protection (FADP) SR 235.1) as well as the European Data Protection Act where applicable (Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation)); namely and in particular with respect to monitoring the behaviour of data subjects and companies who are in the EU (Art. 3 (2) letter b GDPR) and with respect to the delivery of products and services to data subjects and companies in the EU and the EEA (Art. 3 (2) letter a GDPR).

T&N provides information on its website about the rights of customers and suppliers as data subjects, the data categories, the purposes of the processing and the justifications, the category of the data recipient etc.
The customers and suppliers declare that they have taken note of the privacy statement.

If T&N processes any personal data of the customer or supplier as a processor, a separate agreement has to be concluded on contract data processing.

17 Transfer of rights and obligations
The rights and obligations from the individual contracts (deliveries, services) may only be transferred by the Customer with the prior written agreement from T&N.

18 Applicable law and jurisdiction
The individual agreements as well as any AGB shall be subject exclusively to Swiss law with the expressed exclusion of standards provided for under international treaties.

Jurisdiction for any direct or indirect disputes arising from the contractual relationship shall be, both for T&N and the Customer, the ordinary courts holding local and material jurisdiction at the T&N registered office. T&N may also file a lawsuit against the Customer with the regular courts of jurisdiction.

Dietlikon, January 17, 2020

Landheim Brüttisellen

Landheim Brüttisellen

Landheim Brüttisellen

The „Landheim Brüttisellen“ is supported by “Caspar-Appenzeller-foundation” and is a socio-educational youth center. The aim of this institution is to help adolescent aged between 15 and 22 years with their career choice and vocational training.

Goal and mission is to support young people in their personal development and to give them the opportunity to complete an internal or external apprenticeship. They have the opportunity to live there until they have successfully finished an apprenticeship and if necessary additional care can be provided.



Arbeitsheim Wangen

Arbeitsheim Wangen

Arbeitsheim Wangen
The Arbeitsheim Wangen is a living- and also a workplace for people with psychological or social difficulties. The residents are looked after and supported according to their situation.

Internal workshops provide different workplaces – from production to day care with employment.

The Arbeitsheim Wangen has their own workshop/atelier where brooms and brushes are produced and baskets are made as well as repaired.



Castle Herdern

Castle Herdern

Castle Herdern
In the center of the village Herdern the castle “Herdern” is located – an institution for living and working.
This institution with different types of living, locations for working and activity is hosting, coaching and engaging adult people of all ages, with mental and social troubles.
They offer them a manifold work, which is adapted to the individual skills, in a protected frame. They produce market-oriented products with a commercial and social goal.
In addition a small village store sells specialties from their in-house company and staples for the daily use – far away from daily hectic and stress, the clients are served personally.


SOS Kinderdorf

SOS Kinderdorf

SOS-Kinderdorf in Austria
In view of the misery of countless war orphans at the end of the Second World War and the overcrowded and seemingly clinical orphans' homes, Hermann Gmeiner came up with the idea of the SOS-Kinderdorf (Children's Village) in 1949 and built the very first SOS-Kinderdorf in the small town of Imst in Tyrol.

"There came a day when I could no longer bear the fate of the children and thought that there had to be another way of helping them." said Hermann Gmeiner, the father of SOS-Kinderdorf, at one time

The mission of SOS-Kinderdorf is to give children who have lost their parents or can no longer live with them a permanent and long-term home and a stable social environment.
This family-like structure of an SOS-Kinderdorf is determined by four key elements: the SOS-Kinderdorf mother, the siblings, the house and the village.

The vision of SOS-Kinderdorf is to help children and young people in difficult circumstances to find ways out of family crises together with them and their parents, to give them a loving and caring home, and to allow them to grow up in dignity.



Young & talented sportspersons - Katharina Tognon

Young & talented sportspersons - Katharina Tognon

Sponsoring young and talented sportspersons – Katharina Tognon

Sport climbing is attracting more and more young followers in Switzerland. Katharina Tognon is just 14 years old, a member of the Swiss national team and one of the most promising young talents. The petite young sportswoman clambers up sheer walls as if it were child's play. But behind all this are six training sessions of around sixteen hours per week as well as the competitions in Switzerland and surrounding European countries at the weekends.

True to our philosophy of "Think ahead – Progress forwards – Go further", we are delighted to accompany Katharina on her way to the top. Even in Switzerland, the country of mountains per se, sport climbing remains a fringe sport and attracts only little attention outside the scene. Financial support for young talents is thus very important.

Representative for the numerous young people who are involved in sports, culture or other fields, we support and help Katharina achieve her ambitious goals. We wish Katharina every success.

Katharinas successes in 2018
5. Swiss Bächli Cup
2. SM Villars sur Ollon Speed

Katharinas successes in 2017
6. SM Lead Uster
4. Bächli Swiss Cup
1. ZKM on the Züspa
4. SM Pratteln Boulder U18
1. Backlight Boulder Challenge U18

Katharinas successes in 2016
3. Bächli Cup BSCC
2. SM Zürich Oerlikon Speed U18
3. St. Galler Cup U18
1. SM Basel Boulder U18

Katharinas successes in 2015
Vize-Schweizermeisterin MYCC
2. SM MYCC Speed Zürich
2. MYCC Echendens Boulder
2. SM Klosters Boulder
6. MYCC Les Diablerets Boulder
8. SM Lenzburg Lead
10.MYCC Näfels Lead
2. ZKM Speed Züspa
1. ZKM Boulder Bassersdorf



Spanish Riding School

Spanish Riding School

Spanish Riding School
We are committed to this unique institution. It means a lot to us that this living tradition, where the values of the past blend with the passion of the present, can continue to exist. And to ensure that this success story continues, T&N is supporting the Spanish Riding School by sponsoring a foal. The Spanish Riding School in Vienna is the only institution in the world that has practiced for nearly 450 years and continues to cultivate classical equitation in the Renaissance tradition of the "Haute Ecole".

The School takes the “Spanish” part of its name from the horses which originated from the Iberian Peninsula during the 16th century and which were considered especially noble, spirited and willing and suited for the art of classical horsemanship. Today’s Lipizzaner stallions, that enchant horse lovers from around the world at the School with their displays, are the descendants of this proud Spanish breed, a cross between Spanish, Arabian and Berber horses.
In 1729, Emperor Charles VI commissioned the architect Josef Emanuel Fischer von Erlach to build the magnificent Winter Riding School in the Hofburg Palace; it was completed in 1735. A portrait of the monarch graces the splendid baroque hall in which the riders of the Spanish Riding School train their Lipizzaner stallions and show off their skills to an international audience during the public performances.


Our foal, Maestoso Tropina born January 26, 2016 Lipizzaner Stud Piber


ABA Amriswil

ABA Amriswil

ABA Amriswil
ABA was founded in 1928 as the "Arbeitsheim für Behinderte Amriswil" (Amriswil work home for the disabled) cooperative as a charitable institution. Today, the institution is a business-like welfare service with a variety of offers for jobs, places of residence and training positions.

The ABA is a multifaceted welfare, service and production facility in Amriswil in the canton of Thurgau. It offers both young and old people with disabilities around 150 jobs, roughly 100 places of residence and 20 training positions at its central location in Amriswil.

The ABA respects individual skills, providing support and encouragement so that individuals can assume as much direct responsibility as possible in both their daily work and independent living.





SwissICT – independent, open, neutral and competent
swissICT is the primary representative of the ICT business sector in Switzerland, the biggest professional association in the industry and brings together 3,000 ICT providers with user companies and specialists.

swissICT emerged in 2,000 from the fusion of two associations – the Schweizerische Vereinigung für Datenverarbeitung (SVD, Swiss Association for Data Processing, founded in 1968) and the Wirtschaftsinformatik-Fachverband (WIF, Professional Association of Business Informatics, founded in 1955). This is one of the reasons why the association is open to both companies as well as individuals at all hierarchic levels.

swissICT is a not-for-profit organisation and

- promotes the image of the Swiss ICT and is committed to good basic political and economic conditions
- encourages specialist know-how
- is involved in promoting young talent
- publishes the standard work of reference "Berufe der ICT"
- publishes the most important ICT salary survey
- awards the "Swiss ICT Award"




CALLNET.CH – Swiss Contact Center Association
VisionCallNet.ch was founded in 1997 – primarily to encourage an exchange within the industry and to address common interests and initiatives. Over the past few years there has been a significant change in the surroundings and thus in CallNet.ch too. This is why a new vision and mission have been defined.

- Customer dialogue will increasingly take place via several different channels of communication.
- These channels of communication will be more networked and at the same time used in parallel.
- The contact center of the future is the hub of customer dialogue within a company.
- Control over this function as a hub will be the key success factor in future.

Mission- CallNet.ch is the association of the contact center industry for the whole of Switzerland.
- CallNet.ch creates the platforms for the exchange of know-how and experience on a regional, national and international level to establish, expand and operate contact centers.
- CallNet.ch communicates the interests of the contact center industry externally in broadly qualified PR work.
- CallNet.ch strengthens the contact center industry through selective cooperation with other organisations.
- CallNet.ch supports and encourages the training and further education of qualified personnel in the sector on various levels.
- Members of CallNet.ch use the offers, support the activities and are involved in realising the objectives.





"The most important person is always the one in front of you at any given moment.
The most important time is always the present.
The most important deed is always active charity. " (Meister Eckhart)

The Ekkharthof nestles in a green landscape of forests and meadows, in view of Lake Constance and overlooking Kreuzlingen. The overall complex also includes the ‘Remedial Centre’ („Heilpädagogisches Zentrum“)  in Kreuzlingen as well as the outposts ‘Rose Garden’ („Rosengarten“) in Birwinken, ‘Little Liberty’ („Kleine Freiheit“) in Kreuzlingen and ‘Sun Linden’ („Sonnenlinde“) in Berg.

The Ekkharthof offers 200 people who need support a space to live and develop in harmony with nature. Their personalities are taken seriously and their development accompanied on the basis of partnership. They are given the chance to attend a remedial special needs school and to complete a vocational training course. What’s more, protected jobs are offered along with living space in various groups.

In the broad range of jobs and training courses on offer, the employees who need support can experience the making and use of ‘their’ products, thus enjoying a sense of purpose and an enjoyment of life. Professionally and agogically trained experts ensure appropriate instruction and support in the vocational field of gardening and farming, woodworking, ceramics, candles, textiles, food production, housekeeping and sales.





LebensWERT Foundation

«Nous créons un lieu dont la force se mesure au bien-être des faibles.»
Le travail de la fondation LebensWERT se base sur les principes socio-diaconaux de notre société. La mission contenue dans ceux-ci est à la source de la motivation pour servir autrui. Avec son travail, l’institution souhaite apporter une contribution sociale en faveur de notre pays et donc permettre de préserver des valeurs sociales fondamentales.
Le but est d’offrir aux personnes de nouveaux fondements de vie et le moyen d’accéder à leurs ressources.
T&N soutient la fondation en lui fournissant des moyens informatiques. Nous sommes heureux, par ce don d’équipement, de permettre à la fondation LebensWERT d’accomplir avec efficacité ses tâches administratives.